Paris is the next phase in artistic expression. Born in Harlem, New York, he is the fourth of his mother’s children. Fifteen years younger than his eldest sibling, he was born into a family of already accomplished performers. Determined to be different at a young age, Paris began carving his niche.

Mastering the art of juggling, Paris did something none of his siblings have.

He received his first notable recognition from The New York Times at the tender age of 12, for being the youngest from the Big Apple Circus’ youth program ever, to juggle 5 balls. Paris took this momentum to quietly build a strong career in juggling. He began to take his art to a new level when he expanded his teaching curriculum. Paris’ routines can contain anything from unicycle stunts to unique juggling displays with flaming torches.

Paris has been in numerous circuses, but he did not want to be categorized as a clown. He became one of the first accomplished jugglers to regularly perform their routine to Hip-Hop music. His routine has been seen on both the Today Show, and MSNBC. He has taught juggling at numerous lecture halls throughout the nation. Paris was on the verge of being juggling’s first cross over artist when tragedy stuck.

He was forced to get major back surgery, taking him away from juggling as he endured years of serious rehabilitation. However, his determination was not squashed. While rehabbing from his surgery, Paris obtained his B.A. in Management while minoring in computer science. After graduation, he did some work in the corporate sector while patiently waiting to follow his passion.

Now fully recovered, Paris is back! The Big Apple Circus, upon hearing of Paris’ return, immediately asked him to teach juggling at their school program in Harlem, and has began booking him for showcases and lectures. He is currently running his juggling series “What’s the Definition of a Real MC?” Where he uses his juggling style to challenge the thinking of what is hip-hop, while engaging the audience in an exciting interactive showcase. A full juggling seminar and hip-hop symposium can also accompany this series. Paris is here to help all those interested in stretching the realms of their imagination.