Are you looking for an act that will keep your student body motivated, yet will still meet the school’s initiatives? Sick of your typical guest speaker who bores them to death? Well, you’re in luck the Hip Hop Juggler is a huge hit with today’s youth. Being a New England boarding school graduate gives him a unique understanding of what the modern kid engaged. Whether it’s teens, tweens, or any kid in between, the Hip Hop Juggler has a special style and skill set that specifically resonates with that age group.


Half-time Shows

The Hip Hop Juggler can spice up your half-time period with a custom-made show, often using sports equipment based on what game they’re watching. A customized basketball dribbling/juggling routine for your school’s basketball games, baseballs and baseball bats for… you probably get it by now. For outdoor shows, a special fire torch juggling routine can be added in.

Assembly Shows

In your school’s auditorium/theater, your student body and faculty can watch, laugh, and be at the edge of their seats for an action packed show filled with comedy, stunts, and incredible feats that are sure to have the entire school talking the next day. The show can last up to 60 minutes and uses popular music that the student body can relate to.


Motivational Speaking

The Hip Hop Juggler’s show can be converted to cover the many topics including:

  • Overcoming labels
  • Believing in yourself
  • Reaching your goals
  • Accepting yourself and others
  • Math is everywhere, and that’s great!
  • Chasing your dreams
  • Finding your career

There will still be plenty of juggling, comedy, and other stunts, but also a smooth integration of the topics that your school needs, but done in a way that doesn’t feel like the typical dreaded everyday speaker.


Juggling Workshops

It’s fun, it’s exercise, it gets you out of your box for a minute, and it makes you feel great. It’s also the perfect thing to add to your bucket list. You’ll be surprised at how many things you can learn in just one workshop. What’s great is that juggling is good for the mind and body, providing exercise without having to be competitive while improving a person’s ability to concentrate. Whether it’s team building, learning how to achieve a goal, or relieving stress, juggling can help your students and faculty reap the benefits without them even realizing it!



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