Paris, given the nickname “The Hip-Hop Juggler” by Al Roker himself, has been dazzling audiences with his brand of juggling for over a decade.


Not the same boring show

One thing that your kids will NOT be is bored. No longer will you have to decide between a show that is culturally enlightening versus a show that will keep the kids engaged. With a hip show that is in touch with music and lingo that the kids are familiar with, Paris has the ability to convey messages while keeping the energy up high. His use of modern music, dance moves, and comedy create an interactive show that is a lock to keep young audiences engaged. In addition, Paris offers an option of four shows:

  • Live & Direct
    Do you want your kids and staff to be purely entertained and break up such a busy year of regularly scheduled programming? Live & Direct provides the perfect mix of stunts, comedy, and amazement to keep the energy up for the entire period. This is the Hip Hop Juggler’s most frequently booked show.
  • Love Yourself… and Everyone!
    This show reflects on parts of his own life and covers the importance of loving yourself, believing in yourself, and how that can spread to everyone else you know.
  • Juggling De-coded
    Juggling is impossible! No it’s not. Paris goes deep in exploring the ins and outs of juggling including how it works, the math involved, how it relates to what the kids are thinking, and how it can help in life.
  • Label-ism
    This show addresses what many young people and adults face — overcoming being labeled. Whether the label is given due gender, ethnicity, culture, or anything else, everyone has had to face it at some point. Label-ism allows the kids to think, laugh, and cheer at the same time.

Customizable for whatever occasion

Regardless of the occasion, the Hip Hop Juggler is guaranteed to get you a customized show that is catered to your needs. Learn-to-juggle workshops can also be provided. Here are some themes in which the Hip Hop Juggler is commonly booked:

  • Summer Camp
  • School Vacation Week
  • Fundraisers
  • Black History Month
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Carnival/Fun Day

Staff Training and Workshops

In addition to a show, the Hip Hop Juggler also offers learn-to-juggle workshops that give the kids a new hands-on activity. He also offers juggling workshops to staff as part of their training to help them understand teamwork, using the right strategy, and breaking down how to overcome obstacles in the workplace.


For more info, visit the main page at www.hiphopjuggler.com